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Comic for Tuesday , March 8 , 2005


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alright, so i've been bad. um. so regular updates resume tomorrow. well, the 3rd.

:D i have finally succumbed to world of warcraft... anyways, i'm over on the mal'ganis server, horde. as a totally sweet undead rogue chick named tamalris. woot. OR i am on the firetree server as a totally fruity elf warrior named severn. yes, a guy. i'd rather watch a hot elf guy's ass all day anyways.

in other things, i updated the links page again. and you know what? you should go read pires away. yes, the pires are different... but charming. i like them :D

oh yeah, plus some cool art stuff at my deviant art gallery.

older comic related stuff- OMG shinya (who is cool) sent me fanart! of dryas, cause he's the coolest. i mean, who would you want to hang out with in real life? (not julian) so go check it out :) and send some! cause i made a new section on the gallery page just for it! thanks!

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